Aaron Goss

Play through short, fantastical adventures as a party of fae creatures.
What could I say?
Reach the repair dock before your hulking L.A.B. Crawler glitches itself to pieces!
A 24-word microgame about finding comfort when you're lost.
A simple, abstract set of rules to streamline trading in your tabletop roleplaying game.
Create patches from your memories and carry them wherever you go.
Wreck your rival's nets before the field is ruined!
Seek out the source of a mysterious signal on the ocean floor.
Join your tiny faerie friends in a shared dream-world.
A stealth-lite cheese-chase for a cat and some pesky mice!
Discover the stories of a much-loved spaceship as you dismantle it piece by piece.
Spend time by the campfire reminiscing on misadventures with your companions.
A coming-of-age romp-around-the-galaxy for 1-5 fledgling voyagers.
Head to the skypad and light your burn drive, for the race is about to begin!
A collection of prototypes, experiments, and playtest games.
A pocket-sized map-making tool.
A pocket-sized "No Dice, No Masters" roleplaying game system.
describe how you (a characteristic) add meaning to your small, polyhedral friend
A business card-sized RPG written in C++.
this is a place to cherish the memories you have of a person special to you

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Analogue Game Design Series

I made these games while running an Analogue Game Design Master Class and a 3-hour game jam in 2020.

Proudest Games I Made as a Student

I made these alongside my student peers while I was studying how to design and develop games.

Awesome TTRPGs

Each one of these hits me just right. I love 'em.

Fantastical RPG Resources

Asset packs, design tools, engines, and other fantastical things to use when making roleplaying games.