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SIGNALS FROM THE DEEP is a tense, ocean-floor setting and scenario made using my no dice, no masters roleplaying game system Tiny Tokens.

This scenario takes you and the rest of your old, sentient, deep sea research robot team SEA-4 on a shared voyage, exploring deep sea wonders as you seek out the source of a anomalous signal detected way down at the bottom of the ocean.

What awaits you in the depths?

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The PDF is laid out to be printed as two double-sided poker card-sized cards:

  • A rules card with space to fill in character information
  • A scenario card with example character prompts and an art cover

The text file contains all the rules and scenario text, but no images.

This work was made by a human. No AI or machine-generated works are included in this project. Supporting this project means you are supporting real human beings who have dreams, passions, and bills.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

Each sale of SIGNALS FROM THE DEEP, every comment left, and any ratings/reviews given will contribute a Community Copy to the pool. All are greatly appreciated.

For those who are experiencing poverty or marginalised access to the games community, please feel free to claim a free Community Copy of SIGNALS FROM THE DEEP that was contributed by another, no questions asked.

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