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Tiny Tokens is a pocket-sized No Dice, No Masters roleplaying game system that brings the core elements of running such a game to a single business card-sized format. Now, you can enjoy wholesome roleplaying wherever your adventure takes you.

Inspired by other amazing No Dice, No Masters games:

Special thanks to trouser_mouse for their inspiration and positive vibes, and to Mateus Simas for translating Tiny Tokens into Portuguese! 😊

Make Your Own Tiny Tokens Game

I have updated this page to release Tiny Tokens under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license! 🥰 That means that you can now share and adapt Tiny Tokens to make games of your own, even commercially, provided that you give appropriate credit in your work!

I know that these games will be VERY small (probably even on a single card), so just like in A Sapling’s Dream and SIGNALS FROM THE DEEP, attribution along the lines of something like the following text would be fine:

“a Tiny Tokens game”

If you do end up making something, use the #TinyTokens hashtag so that others will be able to find similar games easily. I'd love to have you reach out and let me know! 

I've put together an ongoing collection of Tiny Tokens games here. Check 'em out! 😊

Have fun, all! 💖


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Tiny Tokens v0.1 (EN) 35 kB
Tiny Tokens v0.1 (EN, Text Only) 1.5 kB
Tiny Tokens v0.1 (POR) 34 kB
Tiny Tokens v0.1 (POR, Somente Texto) 1.7 kB
Tiny Tokens v0.1 (EN, Full Bleed) 35 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Tiny Tokens v0.1 (POR, Para Impressão) 34 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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Add in a line of numbers on one side to use a paper clip to track tokens, and it can be used anytime, anywhere.


Ohhhh, now that’s neat! 🤩 I will ponder this… 🥰


Sup Aaron! Thanks for making this. I found the No Dice No Master system to look a bit overwhelming so having this simplified version is really cool. 

Personally how many tokens would you recommend starting with?

Hi! You’re very welcome. I’m glad this has been helpful for you!

I think that so long as each player has access to a few tokens (maybe 3 to 5 each), there’ll be plenty for everyone!


Seems amazing ! Never thought to translate this ressource in french or spanish ?


Thanks for the kindness! 😊

I hadn’t thought of it until recently, but would be excited to have Tiny Tokens readable in more languages! 🤩


Do you want me to help you in translating it ?
I can translate myself,  i'm almost bilingual, but you can also get a first translation with deepl. Best webiste ever for translating text


This is amazing! Tiny BoB is something I didn't know I needed but this is exactly it!

Aww thanks for the awesome praise! 🥰 I’m glad you enjoy it!


This is absolutely great as an experiment of what a BOB game is at its bare minimum, plus its fun a for a quick no prep game at any time. 

Thank you for your kind words! I’m so stoked that you like it. 😊


Excellent ! It has everything.



You could even roleplay around the kitchen sink!


One washing the dishes, the other drying, and using teaspoons as tokens.


Heh!  "You need to take the spotlight.  I have to dry that spoon now."