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Star Scouts is my one-card love letter to Antoine Bauza's board game Tokaido.

As a fledgling voyager, you set off alongside your fellow star scouts and buddies to get a taste of what the galaxy has to offer. Earn tokens and badges as you help aliens, build bots, witness wonders, and try strange foods in your efforts to prove yourself and become a fully-fledged starship pilot—all in time for dinner!

A One-Card Game

The whole game of Star Scouts takes place around a single double-sided poker-sized card. You'll need a ship token for each player (at least three tokens if you're playing a solo or two-player game, so that you've got some "Buddy" Non-Player Characters to keep you company), a six-sided die, and a few handfuls of tokens to track your friends, tech, wonders, and meals. Travel around the outer track of the card on your journey, stopping to encounter aliens, wonders, and more along the way as you do.

At each of the four starship stations along the way, everyone will rest for a bit and have the chance to try some of the local cuisine. Once everyone is ready to move on, the game continues.

When you reach the fourth and final starship station, your voyage comes to an end. Count up your tokens and badges to see how fulfilling a journey you had!

It takes about half an hour to play a game of Star Scouts, depending on how many players are playing. With two players, most games will take about 15-20 minutes.

See you out there in the black, Star Scout! o7



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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAaron Goss
TagsBoard Game, guides, journey, one-card-game, Sci-fi, scouts, Short, Space, tiny, wholesome
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Muito fofo! 


Muito obrigado 🥰

(I tried to translate “thank you very much” into Portuguese using Google Translate and hope it came out ok!)


a really good alternative to Tokaido. I only played Tokaido on my phone so this has become my way of playing Tokaido physically

This warms my heart to hear you say this. Thank you! 🥰


​This is the CUTEST 1-card game ever!!!

Thank you very much! 😂🥰