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In an effort to improve the game and help me produce better content for it in the future, I have created a short feedback questionnaire. If you have a few spare moments and would like to help me to improve the game, please head over here to share your feedback with me. Every bit helps!

Thundering engines, supersonic speeds, and adrenaline-crazed fans make this one of the most spectacular racing events this side of Cloud City.

As a raptor jockey, you started racing for the thrill of the burn—the soul-shaking roar of your raptor’s engine beneath you as you tear up the sky. Today, you’ll show the ‘League what you’re truly made of. So, get your gear on, head to the skypad, and light your burn drive, for the race is about to begin!

raptor 2057 is a fast-paced racing RPG inspired by the wip3out series, the hectic F-Zero series, the classic romp Rocket Jockey (1996), and John Harper's Wildlings (2015). It's a little labour of love and my tip-of-the-hat to the glory of sci-fi racing games.

All you need to play is a copy of the rules card, some writing instruments, a set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12), and two to six friends (preferably, ones that are willing to eat your sky-dust in the races to come).

For usability and extra enjoyment (and the fact that I got intensely interested in this game concept and wanted to see how far I could stretch the idea), I've included a player card on which you can scribe information about your jockey and your raptor's system dice, and an expansion card with a new game mode and extra content. Each card also has a print-friendly version so that you can save precious ink and colours when printing the game. <3

championship league

championship league is the first expansion card that I've released for raptor 2057, and it builds upon the base game—you need a copy of raptor 2057 to play it. championship league adds long-term campaign-style rules based around a series of races, and it introduces the span—a floating sky-network of blimps, platforms, and toolships filled with merchants and mechnicians: Shmooze investors, upgrade your raptor, and find allies and rivals alike (and more) in between races. You'll need all the help you can get to reach the top of the 'League, so get to the span and start shmoozing!

  • Earn Championship points in each race to try and earn that first place victory by the end of the 'League!
  • Hack, tune, and repair your raptor between races in The Span to give you an edge in your next race!
  • Make allies and rivals to affect other players' performance in the sky!
  • Purchase and customise brand new raptors!

paper raptors

paper raptors is the second expansion content that I have released for raptor 2057. It comes with five printable, foldable, physical, origami-esque paper raptors that you can use during the race! Each paper raptor also has a unique ability that might just give you the edge you need to overcome your rivals and win the 'league, and space to keep track of your raptor's module dice as you tear through the sky. What are you waiting for? It's time to shmooze some sponsors, earn those creds, and kit up your raptor for the race!

  • Five paper raptors to race on, each with a custom ability!
  • Pick your favourite raptor, then print, cut, and fold it to have it by your side while racing!
  • Print out these paper raptors in supersized-format on A4 or Letter paper to make cutting and folding them easier for jockeys with smaller (or larger) hands. Great for playing with the kids!

hit the skypad—it's time to race

See you in the sky! 😊



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The paper raptors are a great addition!! 


my kind of sci-fi


The character creation is brilliant. The simplicity of this game makes me want to pick it up and play it right away.


This is very cool, it’s interesting to see where the race game I did and yours are similar and where they’re different. Really well done !


This is a pure gem! I am eager to try this little game!


I never thought a race can be simplified this cool.