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I was inspired to make something cool for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam, and here it is!

You and your team of mechnicians maintain L.A.B. Crawler 846-A on the inhospitable ice planet Saegon.

L.A.B. Crawlers are tough, mobile, mechanised laboratories built by the Science Alliance. However, the one you’re in has begun to malfunction...

Your mission: Get your L.A.B. Crawler to Repair Dock HAL-2 before glitches shake it apart from the inside out.

Caution: Your resources are limited. Keep an eye on them and everything will be fine! (Probably...)

L.A.B. Crawler Mechnicians is a small, resource-management role-playing game. Set in the universe of one of my previous games (Remnants of Saegon), instead of taking on the role of a researcher seeking ancient relics, players play as a mechnicians trying to keep a titanic L.A.B. Crawler functioning amidst the arrays of glitches that occur in its modules.

All you need to play is the card itself, a six-sided die (called the "glitch die"), and a multitool (that is, a paper clip). You can also play solo or with some friends—the more the merrier!

I'm sure that some more playtesting is required to fix any glitches in the game, but I think that it's quite fun already. I definitely had a great time making it!

Enjoy! :)


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This is a fun little game. I did wonder whether I was cheating by just leaving glitched Robotics Bay patched; if I roll that glitch again should I reroll or is it just a null result? Not really an issue as it doesn't greatly sway the dice roll results, just a thing I was curious about.


Thank you! 🥰

Yes, you can leave a patch on a module as long as you want. And if you roll that module again, the patch protects you from the effects of the glitch, making the roll a null result as you said.

But you may still want to take care and repair glitching modules because having all four modules glitching at the same time will the end the game!

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Digging the paperclip multi-tool mechanic and the location progress track.  Great work!


The location progress track wasn’t there in the first version. Playtesting revealed that the game needed a more solid goal, however, and thus the track was born! It fits so nicely up the top, too, if I can say so myself. After all, I gotta use as much of the card as I can! 😂


This looks really cool, the mechanics give an interesting boardgame feel and it has a cool scenario.
Cant wait to try it!

That’s pretty much exactly what I was going for, so I’m chuffed that you think so! 🥰